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July, 2024
Terra Eolica and 4Trade Consulting AG Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance AI-Driven Wind Energy Solutions
We are thrilled to announce the formation of a strategic partnership between Terra Eolica and 4Trade Consulting AG. This collaboration aims to accelerate the energy transition by developing and promoting AI-based tools for wind farm development processes. Our joint efforts will focus on enhancing site selection and assessment, environmental impact report generation, and wind farm layout design.
Terra Eolica is an online platform dedicated to revolutionizing the development of onshore wind power plants through innovative software solutions. With Terra Eolica, you can quickly select and optimize wind sites, evaluate potential locations, and make informed decisions with confidence. Our commitment to advancing renewable energy ensures that we not only meet but exceed the financial and environmental expectations of our clients.
4Trade Consulting AG, originally a trust management firm, has evolved to provide AI-powered services and industry expertise. Their growth-centric strategies leverage advanced analytics, process automation, and custom GPT technology to help businesses stay ahead in today's competitive market. 4Trade Consulting prioritizes efficiency, cost transparency, and seamless communication, tailoring solutions to meet unique client needs.
Together, Terra Eolica and 4Trade Consulting AG are poised to lead the digital evolution in wind energy development, ensuring a faster, smarter, and more sustainable future.
May 2024
Wind Lidar Masterclass in Madrid
Terra Eolica representatives attended the Wind Lidar Masterclass in Madrid, an insightful event featuring industry leaders from companies such as DNV, Vestas Developments, Copenhagen Offshore Partners, and Olsen Renewables.
The event covered a range of critical topics, including the acceleration of project development with Lidars, the future of energy supply, and the efficiency of floating wind projects. Discussions also addressed challenges and strategies in wind measurement, project financing, and the integration of advanced technologies like CFD in complex terrains.
Terra Eolica expresses gratitude to ZX Lidars for organizing such a well-prepared and informative event. The insights gained will be valuable in future projects.
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March 2024
Terra Eolica at Wind Europe 2024 in Bilbao
Representatives from Terra Eolica attended Wind Europe 2024 in Bilbao, engaging with industry professionals and regulatory authorities. The event showcased advancements and emerging startups in the wind energy sector, allowing Terra Eolica to reconnect with existing partners and establish new connections.
Key insights from the event included the need for Europe to synchronize renewable energy development and wind generation with grid infrastructure to meet increasing electricity demand. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are gaining traction, with a rising demand from small-scale purchasers seeking to mitigate risks. The pricing structure of PPAs is becoming more flexible, adapting to fluctuations in raw material prices and inflation, though curtailment risks must be considered.
Regarding permitting, communities are becoming more organized, complicating and prolonging negotiations with landlords. It is now standard to engage with communities by presenting plans for their social development. Denmark's pilot program for optimized permitting shows promise for wider implementation, though its monetization scheme is still in development. A key challenge remains the lack of effective communication channels with local communities.
Terra Eolica extends heartfelt thanks to the Basque Country for its warm hospitality and to Wind Europe for excellent organisation of the event.
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